At Atasa Resort, you will easily find all the basic and essential facilities, which make your stay with us worthwhile and pleasant. From elegant lighting, television, air-conditioner, clean and hygienic toilets, sufficient parking space, to ample of open space (lawn, riverside), there’s a lot you can expect from us. Go ahead and find out our main facility highlights.

Adventure Activities

Kids, youngsters and adults all become alike, when they encounter various adventurous activities that we offer. All our adventurous activities are guided by professionals who ensure earnest security of all our customers. Know how to perform adventurous activities like Rock Climbing and Rappelling, Net Climbing from our professionals, and also learn how to cross the Commando Bridge and Burma Bridge. There are other adventure activities as well, such as crossing a Bridge Walk, Kangaroo Walk and Crossing Walk. We have one huge trampoline, which the kids simply love. Also, for people who love playing actual shooting games that require utmost precision and concentration, we have Archery and Rifle Shooting for them.

Swimming Pool

We have one big swimming pool at the back of the resort, which is quite close to the river. Water Zorbing is an activity that you may certainly want to experience once in your lifetime, and don’t worry we won’t let you drown! You will be asked to go inside a huge air-ball, and that ball will then be pushed in the swimming pool. Float inside a ball and experience a different world altogether.


At the heart of the resort, we have our dining area, where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner following a buffet system. Our food is multi-cuisine and we provide both, vegetarian as well non-vegetarian food. We serve Indian as well as Chinese cuisine. Our chefs are experienced professionals and they know which special ingredients can make the dishes delicious. So be prepared to lick your fingers once you visit the resort!

Conference Halls

Right behind the dining area we have a small one storeyed building, in which we have two business halls. One hall has a capacity of accommodating around 100-120 people, while the other hall is mid-sized, and it can easily accommodate 50-60 people at a time. So whether it’s a wedding, party, or a business conference, you can without any hesitation, share your requirements with us, and we will take care of everything.


Games are for everybody – kids, teens, adults or seniors. Indoor games are best played during the afternoon time, as you can protect yourself from the scorching afternoon heat, and at the same time indulge with your family and friends into playing games like carom and pool, in our indoor club.

Just below the indoor club, there is an old-school discotheque in which you can blast the beats and groove until you collapse. Opposite to the cottages, there lies a massive lawn where kids and adults can play various outdoor games like volleyball, cricket, football, badminton, etc.

Parking Space

There is enough parking space for all our guests. Just as you enter the resort, on the right side behind the discotheque, we have a huge parking area. Around more than 20 cars can easily be parked in the area.

Riverside Lounge

Set yourself free in our riverside lounge, where you simply sit, relax, enjoy and admire the beauty of nature. The riverside lounge is situated between the swimming pool and adventure sports area. From the riverside lounge, you can easily experience an entire panoramic view of the river, hills and the majestic mountains at the rear side of the resort.

Re-discover adventure, serenity, nature and beauty at Atasa Resort. We welcome all our guests with love and gratitude. We want your stay with us to be colourful and memorable. It is important for all our guests to follow the rules and regulations of the resort, so that you can enjoy all our services, amenities and facilities responsibly. While you’re staying with us, you certainly may forget the word ‘boredom’ as you’ll enjoy every minute of your stay, as there’s so much to do! We also organise picnics, get-togethers and other occasions. All you have to do is let us know in advance about the occasion, activity or program, and we will set the ambience accordingly. So don’t waste your time, Atasa Resort is merely 5 kms away from Panvel railway station, book your stay for unlimited fun, now!